Thursday, 12 August 2021

Throwback Thursday - Too Early for Winter

Conditions definitely looked wintry in the yard at Stratford, Ontario on November 02, 2002.

By Peter Mumby.

November the second definitely seemed too early for winter, yet this was the view in the Stratford, Ontario yard on that day in 2002.  Goderich-Exeter locomotives came from a variety of sources.  GEXR 3856, for example, was still wearing the colours of its previous operator, New England Central.  GEXR markings had been stencilled on the cab side below the window, but the base of the cab still carried the slogan "1995 Shortline Railroad of the Year."  


  1. I wonder who gets to vote for Shortline of the Year, and also if my JSSX could be nominated for entry in that competition.


  2. I'm not sure Jim how nominations work but your line gets my vote...George