Monday, 16 August 2021

WRD Operating

A test run of the second unit found in Bellows Falls yard.

It has been a long time since I ran any trains on the WRD. When I did the scenery work for the ITLA shed I needed to move a train. I think I cleaned the tracks here back in the early winter but did not run any trains in the Bellows Falls yard. So a quick track cleaning prior to some train movements through the yard. Although train operations lasted maybe 15-20 minutes it was fun. 

The last while I have been more focused on building models...especially since covid lock-down. In the past Peter Mumby would be over on Mondays and we would fool around with some engines or trains, which kept the WRD active...George Dutka

Scenery work is done and the B&M local has been shoved back into the yard.  A cut is being made before a double over to the next track.

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