Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Prototype Corner - Sweeping Changes at CP

For now, this CP switch broom looks to be in pristine condition.  Let's check it again around next March.  This photo was taken on July 24, 2021 near Newcastle, Ontario.

By Peter Mumby
Photo by R.K. Long.
Railway maintenance forces must often feel that the only purpose of summer is to get ready for winter.  This may involve spreading new ballast, lengthening sidings - or merely distributing new switch brooms.  Over the past several years CP has become more efficient about storing switch brooms at siding switches, employing these purpose-built orange sleeves to hold the broom handles.  The installation in today's photo is at the west siding switch of Lovekin on the CP Belleville Subdivision, near Newcastle, Ontario.  Maybe it is time to check the Walthers catalogue for manufacturers of broom castings in your favourite scale and bring your switch models to the next level! 



  1. I noticed the same thing a couple of years ago on the CP down here in Albany, NY.

  2. Because the Chicago track guys cleared switches with small fires, the first part of the commute home was a pleasant scene, albeit a cold one. I suspect the freeze and thaw cycle caused an ice build that ruled out brooms. But I'll bet they had brooms someplace. Great photo.