Friday, 15 October 2021

Another look at a FOS free kit!

This tiny FOS gas station has a pump included with some signage. I modeled it as weathered to the point no paint remains. Most of the coloring was done using Hunterline weathering mix and Floquil grime. Some Bragdon powders are used to highlight the structure.

A FOS kit I built back in 2018. It is a nice little structure that went together well considering these kits do not include instructions and minimal photos. I remember one wall was missing that I had to make up from parts box wood stock. I really like this structure that fits almost anywhere on a layout. A great little extra offering when ordering a $50 kit...George Dutka 

This little gas station had some planks pulled up and nail holes added. The holes are done using a pin by eye balling the board ends. Lots of details are added around the base which are not included in the kit.


  1. Excellent work, especially all of the little details that really make the scene! Fos kits really are nice. IMHO, some of the best out there.

  2. Thanks Tom...yes FOS has some nice kits...George