Monday 4 October 2021

Vintage CN Engines

CN Westbound arrives at Stratford, Ont. on Sept. 18, 2021. This engine was really clean looking as it may have been repainted

I never think of these engines as being old but they sure are. The 9400's, 9500's and 9600's were pretty much brand new when I hired on the CN in the 1970's and great to ride in compared to the other options of the times. The rebuilt geep's I operated on locals when they were brand new rebuilds and are a tremendous upgrade from the 4500's they once were. Looking back I feel like this was only a few years ago...but time flies as I have been retired for 12 years now and these engines are disappearing as is my memory...George Dutka  

CN WB pulls down through the yard at Stratford with the GEXR traffic. Power of the day is all vintage CN.

The two trailing units 7038-4130 are usually used for the Kitchener job switching the yard but being Saturday maybe no job was working and extra power is required to haul the freight.

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