Saturday 16 October 2021

MEC Station - Wiscasset, Maine

The MEC station at Wiscasset, Maine July 29, 1961

The MEC station that once served as the standard gauge station at Wiscasset, Maine. At one time there was a platform walkway that took one to the Maine Two Footer station of the WW&F Ry. There was a diamond at this location...George Dutka 

Don Janes and I visited this location about 5 years ago. There is a roadway out to this bit of a peninsula surrounded by the waterway. The MEC has a trestle just behind the photographer. In the foreground there would have been a narrow gauge trestle. Today there is nothing here.

A view from the narrow gauge crossing and ball signal looking towards the MEC station. Note the boardwalk between the two locations. Kind of a neat location to model whichever gauge you model.


  1. It would make neat Free-Mo module

  2. Yes your right that could make a great module...George

  3. I was just in Wiscasset yesterday. I can't believe some of the old WW&F piers still exist (well, remains of the piers).

  4. Yes Ben I noted that also back in 2016 when I was there...George