Thursday 28 October 2021

Throwback Thursday - CP Interchange

B&O 4806 is backing past the C&O station at Chatham, Ontario on March 31, 1986.  It will cross the diamond and head into the CP yard to pick up interchange traffic.
By Peter Mumby.

The lead photo in today's post shows B&O 4806 beside the C&O depot at Chatham, Ontario.  The date is March 31, 1986.  The sign on the end of the structure reads "Chesapeake and Ohio Freight Office."  The trackage heading south (behind the camera) leads past the locomotive service area, across the CN diamond, and on towards the compact C&O yard.  In front of the camera the tracks head north towards the diamond with the CP beside the tower visible in the background.  The CP yard is off to the right side of the photo.  The locomotive is in the process of backing towards the interchange track which runs in to the north side of the CP yard, on the far side of the diamond.  A second interchange track, visible in the right foreground, leads into the south side of the yard. 

Now in the CP yard, 4806 is heading east to tie on to its string of cars.  To its right is CP 5558 and the power from the Chatham Turn, a train which regularly departed the London yard at around 07:30.

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