Friday, 8 October 2021

October 2021 Update

I recently picked up GTW 1511, one of the switchers that worked the CV in GTW paint. This was actually the only engine Rapido offered that was seen in New England. A few detail modifications are still required.
I have been really busy with a lot which is not modeling related although I have on rainy days been seen downstairs. Railfanning in the last 6 months has been my main focus on sunny days...and of course my wife's chores...George Dutka

I just purchase the National Scale Car offering which converts a Tichy 52' war emergency gondola into one that was seen on the GTW. Another winter project.

I showed you this product before but here I am applying it to the coupler, grabs and brake wheel. One can see the bright color once applied does toned down on this GT boom car I am building. Once dry it really tones down to just a hint of exposed rust. More on this car shortly.

I found this Jim Shaughnessy photo on I think John Nehrich's NEB&W Facebook site sometime ago which shows a lot of the details in downtown Troy, NY. during the mid 1950's. A really neat overall view with the buildings curving with the tracks and some street running. I love how Jim composes his photos.

Oct 6, 2021 our local gang of model railroaders here in London held their October open air meeting overlooking the CN mainline. That is VIA 72 just out of London, Ont. VIA station.

Two Canpotex Limited covered hoppers that find a home in my contemporary fleet. The car on the left is a Rapido model I weathered. The car on the right was lettered and finely weathered by Peter Mumby as a gift to me last winter.

This is my Rapido model that I applied very light weathering.

Peter Mumby lettered and weathered this Atlas model. He did a fine job applying PanPastel weathering to the seams, ends and running boards.

CN 2304 is the trailing unit of train 501 heading back to its train. The back-way lead holds the local power in London, Ont. Sept. 2, 2021.

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