Sunday 3 October 2021

Barn Conversion - The New Look

This marine set of details are the main event in this diorama. The signs are mostly FOS from a kit I have yet to build.

Here are some more shots of the BarMills kit updated with a few comments...George Dutka  

The styrene base I placed the repair shop on is first painted with Woodland Scenic Asphalt then dusted with AK and MIG powders. Some PanPastel gray finishes off the base. I actually like the look of these products.

Leftover BarMills card-stock corrugated siding is used for the two awnings. Note the window on the side. I just glued an ITLA window which was not used on the line side tool shed. The clear styrene was painted black on the backside so it will not show...I did not cut through the structure. The two long paddles are from Atlantic Scale Modelers. The barrel is Tichy and the garbage can is Juneco. Some papers and posters are added to this side of the structure.

Roof strapping was applied along with a chimney. Some weeds are placed around the base and all is well. That ladder is also ITLA leftover. The sledge hammer is a Tichy detail.


  1. Nice stuff George. I like the outboard motor. I think I'll have to try to get a bottle of that "asphalt" paint.


  2. Thanks Jim
    Yes the paint worked well and I really like the AK Asphalt road dirt over it. This AK product can be used on structures too...George