Saturday 30 October 2021

Tire Shop Diorama

I added a lot of signs which are from my collection that I copied from various manufacturers. As one can see by the amount of tires this is a tire shop. 
I took a few photos of my tire shop diorama that currently rests on my workbench. I have shown you this structure before but I recently decided to take a few new photos that are a bit of a close-up view...George Dutka

I added BEST pigeons to the roof along with some extra junk. The tire pile and wood coal box are BarMills products. Most of the rest is parts from my detail box.

The rear wall has a few signs a lamp added. One can see the lean-to is full also.

I added a scrap vehicle to the lot which is on blocks. And no this truck will not be needing any tires soon.

An overall view of the tire shop. I added a gas pump to the scene as I have a load of there in my detail box and who knows when someone with new tires needs a top up. The display sheeting is something I got as a sample from Gator is not Gatorfoam but something he has that is quite similar. It is used in the sign making business.

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