Friday, 19 November 2021

Borden's Butterdish Milk Car

This model is a plastic kit that I am not sure the heritage of.

Here is a view from about 5 years ago of my completed Borden's butterdish milk car. It actually was started by my friend Bruce Douglas decades ago but I got to finish it with a nice Chinese red. It was tricky to get decals for this car. It became a mix of what I had on hand. This tone was used in the 1940's but I am stretching its life into the 1950's.

I prepared an article just over a year ago which was published in the NMRA magazine on the Borden's butterdish fleet...George Dutka  


For some reason when one comments I can not respond. So I have added my comment in the text. The milk car is not F&C. It is a plastic model which has the tank glued together as two half's.  


  1. Could it be an F&C Kit? I have one I started about 3 years ago and it looks similar.

  2. Red Ball made this in two halves - I'll bet that what you have.