Monday 8 November 2021

CPR Richmond St. Tower - London

CPR crossing tower on the left and the station on the right in London, Ontario during 1940. UWO archives.

I recently came across this photo which  is shot looking directly east. That is the crossing tower for Richmond St. crossing by the CPR station taken on Nov. 15, 1940. From other views I have seen I always though this tower was a lot wider than it actually was. Oh the photo was taken viewing the traction lines rails being removed in the middle of the street. A diamond of sort...George Dutka 


  1. It's nice to see the number of workers required for such a small repair at the grade crossing. It really shows how power tools and equipment displaced manual labor.

    1. Hi Matthieu
      Yes that is a good size work crew. In today's world one would have to be working on a really big project to find that many employees involved...George