Friday, 26 November 2021

GT Boom Car

The lettering is a mix of decals, many supplied by Peter Mumby. The end windows are Tichy additions to emulate the prototype car.

I finished my GT New England boom car. It a Tichy kit with a National Scale Car kit plus a lot of details on deck. More photos and details to come in the future. This kit took a long time to complete due to not having the end windows. With Covid lock down I was waiting till I got a chance to get to Credit Valley hobby shop who carry the parts I needed. I finally broke down and ordered them from Tichy. I still have yet to make it to Credit Valley...George Dutka 

A look down at the deck of the boom car. Many of the details are from Tichy. I had to scratch-build the door to follow the prototype.

Here is how my work train looks at the moment. A CN tool car, GT boom car and a CV flat and caboose. I also have a few CV hoppers when required.

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