Thursday 25 November 2021

Throwback Thursday - The Star of the Show?

Hudson 2816 was looking fine as she basked in the late afternoon sun in Smiths Falls on May 28, 2004.
By Peter Mumby.

Today we will take our third and final look at the distinctive equipment of CP's tour train of 2004 as I saw it in the yard at Smiths Falls.  I'm sure that for most observers the standard Hudson number 2816 was the undisputed star of the show.  However, I guess I'm primarily a diesel guy at heart, so my attention kept going back to GP38-2 number 3084.  Today we are all familiar with the SD70ACu rebuild program of 2019 which resulted in the release of units 7010-7019 decorated in two versions of the heritage tuscan and grey paint scheme.  But, in 2004, the 3084, as repainted in 2000, was the only "modern" diesel to appear in these colours.  Eye catching?  Well, I certainly thought so.  Which locomotive would you pick as the "star of the show?"

Here we can take a look at the opposite side of the Hudson on the morning of May 29/04.

CP 3084 was wearing the paint work that had last appeared on newly-delivered GP30 and GP35 units.


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