Thursday, 18 November 2021

Throwback Thursday - RCP Diesel Power

Tue., Nov. 9 at 8:25 p.m.
CP 3084 was on display at Smiths Falls on May 28, 2004.

By Peter Mumby.

In the recent post entitled 'RCP "Drumhead"' I made reference to a special CP tour train powered by Hudson 2816 along with the three diesels typically assigned to the Royal Canadian Pacific.  At Smiths Falls the steam locomotive was separated from the diesels since it was scheduled to be powering an abbreviated passenger consist on its own.  That provided an opportunity for interested railfans to inspect the diesels after they had been uncoupled from the rest of the train.  FP9A number 1401 had started life as CN 6541 and subsequently worked for VIA under the same number.  CP repatriated this unit following a short stint on Nebkota Railway.  F9B number 1900 similarly worked as CN/VIA 6612.  It too spent some time with Nebkota prior to being purchased by Canadian Pacific for executive service.  Both of these F units were decorated in the same tuscan and grey colour scheme that the railway's original 1400/1900 series diesels would have worn.  GP38-2 number 3084, originally delivered in action red paint, had been repainted in early 2000 in the tuscan and grey scheme shown in today's photos. 
F9B number 1900 was the third unit in this power consist for the Royal Canadian Pacific.

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