Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Green Barns

This barn is between Woodstock and Paris, Ont on Dec 11, 2020. The paint has really faded away and gray boards are now appearing.

One color of barns that is not modeled all that often is green toned barns. Here are a few from around Southwestern Ontario that might inspire you to get out the green paint...George Dutka 

On a trip to visit Don Janes on June 18th 2021 I came across this green barn that could use another coat of paint. It is along Confederation Rd which runs parallel to the CN main line from Strathroy to Sarnia. The tracks are a short distance behind this barn.

Another view of the barn above. 

Once again along Confederation Rd I found another green barn on June 18th 2021. The paint is a lot better shape on this structure.


  1. Let’s not forget the white barns common in WI!

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  3. Yes we won't...lots of white barns here too...George