Sunday 31 July 2022

B&M Crossing Shanty

I weathered the B&M shanty Ed Freeman gave me last week. The roof has some PanPastel Raw Umber Shade applied while on the red areas of the walls Bragdon Dark Rust is coated on. The yellow is coated with Bragdon Powder Dust Bowl Brown. The coal shed I added two hinges made from paper. The shed is colored with Hunterline Cement then PanPastel greys to give it a weathered unpainted look. A Juneco shovel is added on top and a Tichy broom is leaned near the door. More details will be added once it is planted at Bellows Falls...George Dutka   

The shanty as it looked when it arrived. A great little model that I felt would fit the scene better with a small amount of weathering. I really like how Ed did his shingled roof.

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