Sunday 24 July 2022

Thursday Visit

Ed Freemans rendition of a B&M shanty built from a BEST kit. A fine job Ed. Nice to see other modeler leave the doors open too.
Ed Freeman and Jim Brigden from Toronto dropped by to visit the layout. Ed does some B&M modeling and both have visited Vermont and New England in the past. I think the last time I ran across Ed was at the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Maine a few years back. Ed also is the Southern Ontario Promotions guy for CN can see him at their booths at shows.

Ed brought along a nice little B&M crossing shanty for me which I think I have the right spot for it at Bellows Falls. Thanks Ed. He also brought along his completed RS-2 which he reached out for decals a few years ago. Both Don Jane and Peter Mumby came to the rescue with what he needed. 

Ed also brought along one of two volumes offered by the BMRRHS which I might look into at Springfield the next time I attend...George Dutka 

A B&M book offered by their historical society which appears to be a good addition to ones library.

Ed's finished RS-2 rests in the grass at Bellows might make a nice display piece there but I think Ed needs it to power his trains at home. Ed was happy when I sent him the decals that both Peter and Don supplied to finish this project.

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