Saturday 23 July 2022

BAR-NH Insulated Boxcars

Peter Mumby's nice model of a BAR insulated boxcar. The BAR had 300 delivered in 1950, #2000-2299. In 1953 another 150 car were ordered. Heaters were removed from some boxcars in 1964.
The two plugged door insulated boxcars are posed together for a photo shoot a few years back. Above in the foreground is Peter's BAR which he picked up at a model RR show. Is a good looking kit-bash. My NH version is seen below which I had covered a couple of weeks ago. It is a craftsman kit...George Dutka 

My model NH #45097 falls into the #45000 - 45099 series of cars built in 1953. The cars had an under slung charcoal heater. This model was a NHRHTA offering decades ago. Some of these cars were painted oxide red in 1968 while I have seen others in an orange appearance in the mid-1970's.   

Pacific Northwest Railroad Archives copy.

The photo above and below were posted by Richard Wilkens Director of Collections Pacific Northwest Railroad Archive in a Yahoo group chat.

Pacific Northwest Railroad Archive

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