Saturday 16 July 2022

Milwaukee Boxcar

The completed model with a nice amount of weathering that will fit well into my freight car fleet.

For my birthday last December Peter Mumby gave me two nice pieces of rolling stock to add to my fleet. I finally got around to weathering up the Milwaukee outside braced 40' boxcar. It is a YesterYears offering that is a custom painted Tichy model...George Dutka

The boxcar how it appeared out of the box. A dark brown-red.

I gave it a coat of flat finish then painted the roof with grey acrylic paint (rainy day grey). It was more of a wash. I then used two PanPastels emulate some paint remaining over the metal roof. Raw umber shade is on the flat panels while around the ribs and running boards is red iron oxide extra dark. The running boards are colored using AK pencils dirty white and black.

The sides have AK streaking grime as a wash run down all the metal bracing and door tracks. This is a new product to me so more of an experiment. I also painted the under body with this same product. I think it turned out pretty good but more practice will bring improvement with applications. 

On the sides I put on a light coat of PanPastel red iron oxide extra dark followed by their grey in-between the ribs to lighten the brown paint. I thought I should have added some chalk marks prior to the start of the project but what the heck lets try putting them on now. I applied the decals right over the weathering and they appear to have stuck although they had a glossy look to them once sealed. I tried to just brush the weathering over them a bit but no luck. I took a fine brush and dabbed some Model Master flat clear right on the decals. once dry they looked good especially once I pulled a bit more weathering over them...George Dutka

One can see the chalk mark decals have a shine and show their edges. Flat finish will hide this shortly.

The PanPastels used to coat the car. Also the paint applied to the roof is seen here. One side is almost complete while the other has just the grey paint.

The chalk mark decals applied over the PanPastels have been touched up with flat finish with a fine brush then powders pulled over them.

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