Tuesday 19 July 2022

For Scrap Maybe?

CEFX 2001, 2033 (GP20D's) and 1555 (MP15AC or SW1500) ex NS 2229 at London, Ont. shop track July 15 2022.

My friend Andy who also worked with me at CN passed along this information regarding three engines that have been sitting in the CN London shop track for over a week....George Dutka

3 CEFX units tied up in CL50 here in London for over a week were originally going to Zubick's for scrap, but now are being held for possible sale to Lambton Diesel in Sarnia, Ontario...Andy

CN London shop track July 15, 2022.


  1. Not sure what the 2 lighter coloured locomotives are, but I hope they send them down here for re-build. LDS is a busy place. There's an old blue and white GP9 outside of the shop now. D&H colours maybe.

  2. They sure don't build them [to look] like they used to. Those two far engines are odd.