Saturday 9 July 2022

GTW Boxcar

Since this car was built it has passed over my workbench twice. Once for a facelift and a second time to correct the numbering.

I built this boxcar back in the  early 1980's from a Bachmann kit and it has been back to my workbench in 2014 for an upgrade plus some weathering. It now has better running boards, steel wheels and clipped couplers. When I built it I had no photos of the car and just used the information on the back of the decal set. RR book detailing rolling stock or specific railroads were just not around then to work from. Of course no internet also. Sounds like the stone age. Now with research at our fingertips I realized the numbering is wrong. I had put a PS-1 number on the car. It has been easily changed by painting out one number and applying the correct one.

A bit of GTW boxcar history. AFC in 1953 built cars numbered GTW 516000-516599 with 7-foot doors. They were in service till 1994. Another group of AFC cars GTW 515500-515999 blt. 1949 with 7-foot doors were in service till 1985.  GTW PS-1 515000-515499 had 7' doors built in 1948. Some of these were transferred to CN. GTW PS-1 516600-516899 built in 1957 had 8' doors with many in service still in late 1990's. Many of these cars were mainly used for cereal loading. Most of this information is from the CN Sig....George Dutka  

Prior to the number change. One digit was all that needed to be changed.

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