Friday 15 July 2022


The shell is off and work is about to begin to convert this engine to a GTW model. I have some nice photos to work from in Peter Mumby's book he lent me recently.

Jim Sloan gave me a Proto 2000 GP18 during the winter that he was not going to use. I did not do anything with it over the winter due to family and health issues. It has sat on my workbench next up for 6 months now. I did spend sometime contemplating what road name to apply to the model that I could use. There was a number that pass through my mind but with my back alley scene to be integrated into a 1960's through 1990's RR I thought I might go with GTW. I have a lot of GTW equipment and a caboose that could match the unit. The unit would not have to be totally repainted just the logo and numbering painted out. The foot board strips can be left. One big problem was GTW GP18 did not have dynamic so the center of the shell has to be removed which I just completed. I have a Front Range drop in section that fits well. So the project is now underway. It will remain a DC unit for now as the module will be one I can switch from DC to DCC as I have way to many DC engines that will never see a decoder....George Dutka.  

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