Saturday 27 August 2022

Branchline Blueprint Series 40' Boxcar

The finished Branchline model is in use on the WRD. I did not have any Pennsylvania Ry. boxcars on my layout till this summer, now I have three.

 Branchline reported back in 1997 that development work had begun on the first of their own line of freight cars. Marketed under the "Blueprint Series" banner, these cars were designed to set new standards for a freight car kit. The first series of cars, the 50' AAR postwar boxcars, offered a variety of combinations of optional parts that allow them to closely replicate nearly any of the prototype cars. This philosophy would continue into future Blueprint releases. 

I had mentioned my model a few weeks back and here it is now finished. The roof was a mess and needed repainting. I gave the roof a coat of tru-color matte dark red brick followed by a light coat of cast iron gray while still wet. I had taped the sides so no overspray would venture below.

Once dry a coat of PanPastel red iron oxide extra dark is applied to the roof followed by raw umber shade. The couplers are coated Bragdon rust. The car sides along the ribs are lightly coated with PanPastel raw umber shade...George Dutka

The finished roof with the two colors sprayed on the roof once the car was covered with masking tape. The cast iron gives the appearance of metal showing through the paint once some PanPastel is applied.

PanPastel tones are being applied.

Raw umber shade is added to the car sides lightly as the car should look new as the era would be 1957.

Since the door was open I applied some brown paper bag as leftover packaging from the last delivery.


  1. The car looks great - could you maybe add a description of how you weathered the trucks?

  2. The trucks have a lighter than normal coat of Burnt Umber mixed with cinnamon brown. Some of the black truck detail is seen through the paint.