Tuesday 30 August 2022

Snapshot - August 2022

VIA 72 August 1, 2017
This group of photos were taken in 2017 of VIA with their colorful warps celebrating Canada 150. The end platform gate was open in London, Ontario on my visit in August as VIA 72 arrived so I got a few nice shots before getting the evil eye from the station master. Once again I took a few shots on a trip to Toronto later in the year on VIA 72...George Dutka

VIA 72 August 1, 2017

The VIA station banners found at many of the stations.

Inside the station there also were celebration signs August 1, 2017

Dec. 5 2021 am boarding VIA 72. I think I was using my phone for the photos this day.

Dec 5 2017 at Union Station, Toronto. We went down to shop at the St. Lawrence market and visit the Distillery District prior to Christmas.

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