Thursday 18 August 2022

Throwback Thursday - Also on Display

Cando Contracting locomotive CCGX 1110 added to the displays at the Elgin County Railway Museum on August 22, 1999.
By Peter Mumby.
In the recent post "On Display," Ontario Southland 181 was putting in an appearance at the Elgin County Railway Museum.  Visible behind it was a second locomotive, specifically SW 1200 CCGX 1110 as shown above.  This was an EMD product from February of 1963 which had been assembled as MP 1110.  By the time of today's photo it was the property of Cando Contracting and was used to switch the Formet frame plant in the east end of St. Thomas.  This was the principal customer on CN's Cayuga Spur.  Accompanying the locomotive to the ECRM was a frame flat carrying a sample load of the company's wares.

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