Friday 19 August 2022

A New Industry For Waterbury


CV 4551 shoves an empty boxcar into Delabarre Woolens for loading

Delabarre Woolens Gets Some Don Janes

      Many years ago I purchased and built Delabarre Woolens, a multi structure kit from South River Model Works.  It consisted of the main mill, office/warehouse and a boarding house.  I placed the mill and warehouse at the north end of Waterbury and there it sat for several years.  Recently I finally got around to finishing the scene. The mill is water powered and there is a small river and a couple of dams and water inlets and discharge areas. 
       The river was poured using Envirotex resin and when dry I started adding the ground cover around the buildings and along the river, building the scenery up in layers.  While the ground cover was still wet I inserted lots of detail parts and various weeds and vegetation around the buildings.  
      It was nice to finally finish this portion of my Waterbury scene and I am now ready to finish off the scenery in the town Of Waterbury, Vt..  The following photos show the finished scene.

This ITLA has had a full interior added


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