Monday 15 August 2022

More This and That!

Ex-CN station in Port Dover this past weekend. It is down at the beach. There is a second station in town also.
Just a bit of extra material for you to view...enjoy...George Dutka

This is my New Haven boxcar which Peter Mumby and I each built a model of on our Workshop Mondays a few years back.

I took this photo a few years back of a huge barn near the CP tracks in Komoka on Komoka Road. One can not see the whole thing without going on private property but still a nice view. This could make a great model peeking over a hill next to the tracks.

A Milk routing map that was posted last week on the B&M Yahoo group site. It is not that clear but gives one an idea of were milk came from in 1929. The map was posted by Earl Tuson

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