Friday 5 August 2022

Pennsylvania #600087 - Branchline Trains

A Branchline Trains offering, now Atlas is the X43b AAR 40' boxcar in the 600000-601999. As one can see there was a lot of them built, 2000 cars built by Pressed Steel Corp. from Dec 1950-1951. This particular car and paint scheme was applied in 1957. As built they had 7 foot, 7 panel Superior doors, 8 rung ladders, diagonal panel roof with steel running boards and 10 panel riveted sides. The ends are 3/4 early improved Dreadnaught ends.

In Branchline Trains "Blueprint Series" there was more than one run and some models do not have the proper door and ladders. This model I purchased did. I changed out the couplers with Kadee #158 and some touch up painting is required before I begin weathering. The model has steel wheels that I am not sure if they are stock or had been added. I got my model on the secondary market. The shadow Keystone herald was applied during a 1957 repaint. More to come shortly regarding weathering...George Dutka    

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