Monday, 30 January 2023

Back Home!

Otto took a few views of me signing books. Oh he gave me this nice sign to take home...maybe my best find at the show.

My trip to Springfield was as good if not better than most. Hard to believe it was warm enough I did not wear a coat the whole time away. RMC-White River launched my new book and I spent a couple of hours signing books and talking to friends that stopped by. I did not purchase as much as I normally do but I have a couple of neat things that I will show you once I take a photo of them. 

I spent Friday railfanning at Palmer, Springfield Amtrak station and took a look around the old station site in Enfield, Ct. the town I was staying in. I had visited this location a few years back but things are changing. I had done some research into the area and found there was an active gun powder buisness here back in the day and also a huge carpet mill along with many of the regular industries in this type of city. It was an industrial area for sure. I got lucky and caught a short SB freight just as I arrived...George Dutka

SB coming around the curve into Enfield, Ct. mid afternoon on Jan. 27, 2023 between the times of the two Vermonter's. You can see men working on the left. They are Amtrak employees. The road along the side of the track which I was on is barely wide enough for two cars. Well I bailed out of my car leaving it in the middle of the road with the door open to get my shot. I blocked a Amtrak pickup truck trying to come through departing the work site. Oh well, he could not chase me out as it is a public road, there are homes facing the tracks and the delay was minimal.

On my way home yesterday I stopped by Rotterdam Jct. to see if anything was around. It was maybe 8am and pretty overcast. To my surprise a PanAm local was tied down in the yard with engine 3404. I noted the location sign on the building still reads PanAm. January 29, 2023


  1. Hi George. Your book looks interesting. I was wondering if it is mostly reprints of your published articles or is it new materials?

  2. Hi Ken:
    There are four reprinted articles which have been updated with more photos. The CV caboose article has more prototype photos which will help modelers with this project. More than half the book is new material including a more current look at my layout. George