Monday 16 January 2023

January Update 2023

I found this on a blog I follow that views this neat little structure well worth modeling from an earlier era. I kind of like the name of the place too.
A few photos including a couple of mine. The others are ones I liked and inspired I copied them from other blogs I follow or from my inspired!

On another note B&M fan Roger Robar passed away this month on the 7th. Don and I planned on stopping to see him after a CVRHS convention to see his layout and tour the B&M station in town he helped restore. That was 10 years ago and I did not get a chance to get back up that way since then...George Dutka  

Kevin Smith sent out some photos a few Fridays back which included this neat looking B&M work car that is well worth modeling.

B&M at the White River Junction diamond. A classic view in nice lighting. Marty posted this view on his Central Vermont blog that I just had to save. I though it was worth sharing once again even though many of you follow Marty's blog also.

My Bachmann S-4 CV 8027 heads past the water tank on the WRD. I took this photo a week or so ago after adding some new weathering effects to the engine. I built this one back in 2012. 

I cropped this NH boxcar that I believe F&C has a kit for...I might even have the kit still to build, I will have to much to do.

My section house in Westboro was built from measurements I took many years ago of the prototype. I built this back in 2014.

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