Sunday, 22 January 2023

C&O Boxcar - Yankee Clipper Models

This nicely assembled C&O boxcar came across my workbench for some weathering recently. I gave the roof a bit extra.

I finished weathering this double door auto boxcar recently and through I would share with you what I did...George Dutka   

After a coat of flat finish the roof received a light application of AK rainmarks a Nato tank coloring. I have been using gray acrylics to emulate the bare metal showing through but I thought I would try some AK grays I have on hand. They work well although I feel the acrylics cover better.

One side of the roof has a coat of PanPastel raw umber shade. I am using a fine brush to apply some PanPastel neutral gray shade on the running boards as worn wood. The roof panels will receive a coat of PanPastel red oxide extra dark which blends the gray oxide metal with the original boxcar red.

The tack board is done with PanPastel gray while the lower areas are touched up with PanPastel paynes gray extra dark and raw umber shade. The sides of the car got a dusting of the red oxide extra dark. Basicly 4 tones of PanPastels are used on this model. I did add a piece of white paper as notice cards that I sanded thin before cutting small and adding to the tack boards. Some are just scraps of a card that once was attached. I did not add any writing to the cards. 

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