Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Off to Springfield!

An Accurail boxcar is one of the cars found in the weathering chapter in a new RMC book out now.
In the morning I am off to Springfield for this years train show. It has been three years since I last did this trek. I probably will be short of posts while traveling. This years trip will be a bit different as I have a book being released by White River Productions and they asked me to be at their booth for a bit. So if you are at the show and want to visit with me I will be at the White River Productions - RMC booth from 2-4pm on Saturday. See you there...George Dutka  


  1. Argg, I need to be at the NMRA table from 1-3 on Saturday. Hopefully I can stop by to say hello between 3-4

  2. Sounds good Ben...might stop by the NMRA table prior to that if I can find it...have a lot of stops to make at the show and too little time.