Saturday 28 January 2023

CV Larson Green

One can see depending on the engine one is modeling there is a range of options for CV Larson Green. The green on 4929 is a lot darker than what I saw while visiting St. Albans. Feb. 26, 1984 New London, Ct. Bruce MacDonald photo.

I was recently asked about who makes CV Larson Green. Unfortunately I could not find anyone that does. I looked up some old articles of CV equipment and engines in that color and the authors did not note the mix they used. I actually asked around to see what other have been using which is a variety of shades. 

The photo above shows a freshly painted engine and a well weathered green Geep. I would think that one does not need to worry about the actual tone if weathering is applied. These engines, the green would fade as time passes also. So I would think that any Vermont green tone could do...George Dutka

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