Sunday 23 July 2023

Ice House

My drop-in ice house scene is an N scale ice house which works well in HO scale with a new footing. The size is what one might find at a creamery or along a rural spur.
This is the same Walther kit as I showed you yesterday but in N scale that I used as a drop-in scene for a number of years. A visiting modeler really liked the ice house and purchased it from me when I was working on my conversion (point to point). I should have kept my model as it would still work on my layout today.  

The Walthers ice houses in both scale are quite large complexes that one would have found on a busy main line in California or out west, maybe even down south. I feel the N scale version has a lot of opportunities on an HO scale layout...George Dutka

The completed ice house ready to be dropped into a scene.

I added some corner trim as the glue job was not great on the model when I first got it. I also added a new concrete style footing made from stripwood. The roof vents needed new styrene roof panels and the rest needed to be glued better together. Some filling of seams was also required.

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