Saturday 22 July 2023

Hoods Diorama - Ice House

I showed you the finished ice house a couple of weeks ago. Here is how it all went together. The ends now measure 25' by 18' with a peak of 22 1/2'. The sides are 18' by 58'. All the corner trim and bracing is from Mt. Albert, I usually watch for them at shows as they sell bundles of off cuts which works well in many of my projects. The trim is 1" by 4" Mt Albert wood. So the model is a mix of plastic, wood and cardstock. 

Primer gray is the base coat that white is applied to give the structure a worn paint effect. The Hoods signage is from a 1980's calander. Along the bottom of the structure I gave a wash of AK slimy grime dark followed by some PanPastel raw umber shade. The roof seams are done with Bragdon soot and dark rust plus some PanPastel raw umber shade.

This model turned out to be the most work of all the structures I added to the diorama due to having to pull it apart and cutting it down. It might have been better to scratch build the whole thing from wood siding...George Dutka 

The Walthers ice house is all pulled apart and ready to be cut to size.

One can see how much I cut down the end walls to fit the creamery scene. I also took into consideration what had to be cut out due to damaged.

All the Walther ice house cut down parts are ready to be assembled.

The roof is test fit. It will be a gray tarpaper roof using construction paper.

Mount Albert wood corner trim and base is used with the plastic siding. The roof is FOS stock roofing that one can purchase in sheets. I did brace the bottom with leftover wood pieces. There was only one roof vent so I used the two ends and cut down some of leftover side material to make a longer version.

The walls are spray can painted primer gray followed by white tones as the weathered wall coloring.

The walls are dry brushed MIG rail center white then some PanPastel white and raw umber shade is applied.