Monday 23 November 2015

Boxcar Routing

A DT&I auto box car shows up in the B&M White River Jct. yard and is left out front of the yard office for the clerks to sort out...a call needs to be make I am sure.
As mentioned in Peter's post here is a story about car routing while I worked switching as a CN conductor at the Ford Talbotville plant. The operations was actually NS which the CN was contracted to. While I was up on the second floor in the car control office a call came in. The clerk here was famous for sending rolling stock that he did not know the destination for to a NS yard deep in the southern US for them to figure out. Well a confused and frustrated clerk from down there asked why he would send a CPR car down there for interchange with the CPR when the CPR interchange was only a couple of miles away from the Talbotville yard. Guess it pays to look at the reporting marks on a car first...George Dutka

I am sure this is the last time we will see this car on the is currently on it's way back to Detroit.

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