Friday 13 November 2015

Flea Market Finds - Part 3

 DTI 26300 is wending its way towards White River Junction yard.
Commentary by Peter Mumby.............Photos by George Dutka

To wrap up this mini series dealing with acquisitions at the recent Woodstock show, I'll show you a nicely weathered model of a DTI auto parts boxcar.  It doesn't exactly fit with the era of the other cars mentioned, but it is a nice model in its own right.  It is the work of Sarnia, Ontario custom detailer, Jim Sloan.

The arrival of this big car at the WRJ yard will certainly have the local yardmaster scratching his head.  It must have been seriously misdirected!  Probably some pencil pusher up in Michigan asleep at the switch..................In a later post, maybe we can get George to share some similar real life tales of the rails!

Jim's car nicely complements my collection of 86' DTI auto parts boxcars. Peter Mumby took this photo.


  1. Not only do I like that DT&I hi-cube and its weathering, but the weathering on that CP van is just right. Too often overdone, but not in this case!

    Might I also mention..London Reclamation Yard?

  2. Hi Eric: Guess I best get working on the Rec Yard photos...George