Friday 20 November 2015

Modeling a Cellar

A B&M train passes my cellar scene on the White River Division.
I got this idea from Frary and Hayden's C&DR Ry. years ago. A simple cellar can be used in any era. This week my Wordless Wednesday viewed the cellar in a 1950's scene, today we jump a few decades and it still fits in well.

I built this scene in the 1980's for my Hon30" module. Years later it was cut out and saved for future use once the module was discarded. I made this scene from the base of a small home. I added some beams which included some charred with a match, a door leaning inside, a boiler and shovel. Other additions are weeds, grass, a bird and bike. A simple project that can add more interest to your layout in no time at all...George Dutka

A look down into the cellar views an old boiler, a shove and some charred beams. It seems the weeds are taking over on one wall.
A bike is left behind leaning against the far wall.

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