Monday 16 November 2015

Cleaning the Layout

My makeup brush is put to work once again this fall while the vacuum is pulling away more than 6 months of dust.
We are home from the Florida Keys and after getting the kitchen sink installed Saturday I still had enough time and energy to get the layout cleaned. Not having trains rolling for now over six months required a good once over of the tracks with the bright boy. One of the benefit of a smaller layout is this all can be done in short order. I begin by running the vacuum over the tracks while using a big make-up brush, dusingt off the rooftops and details that have attracted dust in the time I was  away from the layout. All my contemporary equipment is now stored till next summer. This week the 1950's come out of storage once again...more modeling posts to follow this week...George Dutka

Normally one needs one hand free when taking a selfie to handle the camera. Here I am taking a selfie while both hands are full...tripods sure come in handy.

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