Saturday 28 November 2015

Branchline Trains Creamery - N Scale

My N scale creamery is built as an ice cream plant.
The prototype for this kit is a creamery built at Clark's near Campbell Hall, NY along the NYO&W. Similar structures are found throughout the Northeast. The O&W built many of the creameries along their line and most likely painted them company colours. Mine is built as a Hood's ice cream plant and I decided on the typical white found on many.

I finished this structure back in April or before my summer modeling break. Over the next couple of posts I will show you how it all went.

The creamery did not come with bracing but I have lots in my scrap box that I used. The kit's trim is self sticking. Some did not stick well and canopy cement was used. The platforms on my kit was warped which needed some support underneath. The roofing included was used. It is tarpaper which needs to be glued down. The chimney is large, I cut mine down a bit.

The walls got a coating of Hunterline weathering mix followed by Hunterline cottage white. The white did an acceptable job colouring the walls but it did need some white chalk and powders applied to make the colour look right. Cottage white although a nice colour I find hard to work with and would not recommend it's use if you don't have any on hand. I added window glazing which has a flat finish applied. Paper bag shades are also used. The photos and captions tell the rest of the story...George Dutka

The walls are assembled and extra bracing is applied.

The roof, windows and add on extensions are being worked on. The windows are a build up of a few pieces as seen on the sheeting.

The walls and docks have Hunterline weathering mix added. The roofing area got grimy black painted around the edges before the tar-paper is added.

The Hunterline cottage white and white chalk and powders are added. The roofing is next.

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