Sunday 22 November 2015

CNR Gondola Interior

The interior got some limestone dust, dirt and Bragdon powders added prior to the additional scrap seen here.
While working on the B&M hopper I decided to dirty up my old Athearn 48'6" drop end gondola. I will cover this cars construction later this winter. I had added a wood floor to it when built back in the 1980's. I wanted the interior to look a bit more interesting. I added a bit of the limestone dust along with a bit of right of way dirt from Westboro, NH. I used random brushing of Floquil flat finish first to have something to hold it down. I then used my new Floquil markers to colour some rail, ties and wire that is glued into place....this interior still will get a few more goodies added shortly once they are trimmed and painted...George Dutka

I picked up some Testor-Floquil markers this week. They are rust, rail brown and rail tie brown in this particular package. I used them to colour some details added to my gondola. So far they seem to be a good purchase.

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