Saturday 20 October 2018

BAR Reefer

BAR 2343 built in June 1953 and viewed here later in the same year. Paul Dunn photo, RJ  Burg collection, Bob Bowes copy.
Here is a look at the BAR reefer when it was new. I have posted photos of this car as a model recently...George Dutka


  1. Actually, these cars had heaters, not ice racks! The heater is visible under the "UC" at the right side of the door. The New Haven had similar cars with similar paint. I believe at some point the heaters were removed, because the float bridges in New York Harbor could create a hump that would damage them. They were for potato service and intended to keep the potatoes from freezing in the winter. There were similar cars on Canadian roads, though I believe they were to keep beer from freezing. However, a noted Canadian freight car expert disputed me on this, saying he didn't believe Canadian cities drank enough beer to require carload deliveries. Not a joke.

  2. Interesting cars, too bad PC messed everything up for them.