Tuesday 2 October 2018

ITLA - Fine Scale Model Expo Kit

This years offering from ITLA for the Scale Model's Fine Scale Model EXPO.
At this past weekend's Brampton train show ITLA had on display and offered to attendees the EXPO 2018 show kit. Since this years EXPO is in Albany, NY the kit offered had a feel for that area with researched area signs included. It is a very nice looking kit with tons of detail built into the wall sides and as add-on. Imagine That's kits I feel are looking better with each new release, not that any of the others are not as good. The kit at Brampton was offered for $59 Canadian and one came home with me...George Dutka

There was two different versions built on display as a four wall structure and one as a building flat.
There is some detailing to add to the roof.
I really love the wall detailing on this kit.
Two views of this kit built up as a building flat. A really neat looking structure.

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