Tuesday 23 October 2018

Snapshot - October 2018

StJ&LC train 76 June 26, 1965 East Fairfax, Vt. Geoff Southwood photo.
This months snapshot is a photo that Geoff Southwood sent me yesterday. A great colour view of a St.J &LC caboose which is ex-CV. I have a Steam Shack - F&C models set aside to model this particular caboose as St. J. I have already built the CV version but with two St. J 70 tonners it will work out well. Geoff and I discussed the caboose number as it is not clear in the photo. I guess it will remain unknown for now.

On another note Don Janes just gave me a decoder from his Rutland Ry 70 tonner to add to one of mine. He changed his out with a better sounding unit. Although it is not an exact match for a 70 ton sound unit it will do well. Don and I discussed the fact neither of us have actually heard how a 70 tonner sounds so I think it will do well for now. I don't think anyone actually makes a 70 tonner sound unit, but if they do please let me know...George Dutka

Here is Geoff's comments included with the photo.

"I have been going through some old New England slides that I took in the 60s for a slide night being put on by the Calgary Model Railway Society in early November.  In rummaging through my slides, one picture albeit not very good quality surprised me because I had been looking for a shot of a St.J.& L.C. caboose for some time and did not realize that I had taken one some fifty plus years ago.  You might find it useful reference for modelling projects …  The note on my slide says that this was on Train 76 at East Fairfax VT on June 26, 1965." Enjoy, Geoff Southwood.

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