Saturday 13 October 2018

Modeling a NH Woodchip Loading Facility

Chris's finished woodchip loading facilities scene. Chris modeled the sign using Highball Graphics artwork as the starting point. He also add some additional words below.
My friend Chris Wright who lives in the Niagara area of Ontario and models the New England North Country recently completed a woodchip loader inspired by the one found in Woodsville, NH. He now has a location for his CP and B&M woodchip cars to call home. With my small fleet of woodchip cars I may assemble some sort of loader for my summertime operations....George Dutka

The two main sections are mocked up.
Another view of the loading facilities before siding is applied.
Chris mentioned getting the wood siding from Dollarama (dollar store) in their craft section.
Chris has done a really nice job weathering his structure.
The loading dock canopy is a Walthers model kit-bash.
Woodsville, NH 1969. We can see almost half the B&M woodchip car fleet..Mal Sockol photo

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