Monday 1 October 2018

Greater Toronto Train Show - Brampton, Ont.

Peter and I helped out at the NFR craftsman corner. That's Peter at the far end.
Peter Mumby and I attended the Brampton train show on Saturday. The NFR-NMRA convention was the same weekend so the NFR was looking for modelers to work on projects at their tables. Peter and I volunteered for the day and had a great time. Both of us worked on weathering engines and rolling stock. As it turned out we had a lot of questions thrown our way which was nice and actually took a good portion of our modeling time. I hope we motivated a few modelers to try their hands at weathering. We might do this once again next year if required...George Dutka

ITLA will soon be having frames available for loading on your flats.
Hunterline shades. Note that barnboard gray is a mix of three colours and barnboard red is a mix of two.
Stephen Gardiner is in charge of the Toronto Railway Museum display. The museum is located in the CPR roundhouse grounds next to the CN Tower.
A second building held the sectional layout on display. I thought this add on was a nice way for turning engines and short trains. In a different configuration the line has more modules attatched.
Peter catches me weathering a small tractor.
Peter works away on air slide hoppers and a locomotive.
IMLA Scale Models had a really nice display including this new O scale model.
The same model as above built as a building flat. I have built this structure in HO. The detailing is far better on the O scale version included a few more new details added on.

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