Monday 22 October 2018

Woodstock Train Show

Jim Sloan with his collection of nicely weathered rolling stock and engines. Most of this was sold before the end of the show. One can find Jim's blog JSSX Railway on my sidebar.
Yesterday I was Peter Mumby's helper at our area train show in Woodstock, Ontario. A couple of the bloggers found on the sidebar had tables and selling some really neat stuff. I picked up a couple of Jim's nicely weathered rolling stock. The WOD of the NMRA also had a workshop table along with displays....the photos tell the story...George Dutka

Rymal Station in HO is one of the blogs found on my sidebar. Peter is seen with his impressive collection of rolling stock offerings. Peter had this nice looking tablecloth made up overseas, an offering which was found online.
Peter ready for the show to begin behind the tables at Peter's Trains.
A close up look at some of Jim's nicely weathered rolling stock.
The WOD workshop table.
I left a copy of my before and after article at the WOD table along with some of the structures.

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