Monday 29 October 2018

ITLA - Mini Kit

The mini kit by ITLA completed and ready for weathering and detailing. More on this kit shortly.
At the Brampton train show ITLA did a clinic on how to built one of their kits. To show off what is involved they offered a mini kit made special for the show to work on. It is an equipment building that could fit easily into any industrial complex or better yet as a rooftop addition. Although I could not attend the clinic as Peter and I were manning the NFR workshop table I did manage to scoop up the last is how it looks...George Dutka

Here is what came in the package for $20.
I filed down the corner joints before painting the walls.
The walls got a spray bomb coat of auto primer red. I then applied a coat of Roberts brick mortar formula. When it is almost dry I wipe it off the brick face.
Here we see the auto primer colouring before the mortar mix is applied.
I did not paint any of the windows or details, it all got a coating of PanPastel green as seen here.
The assembly is almost completed and some additional details and weathering will be applied.

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