Tuesday, 30 June 2020

An up-close look at the Crosby Coal area

 A B&M local is on the main line while the coal dealer is setback onto the spur.
I few more photos taken with my old Canon pocket camera. It gives me a chance to place a camera down low and in the scene, on the tracks or any level surface and get an in-close view. I had not used it in a few years and it took a lot of charging to get the batteries working. I am thinking the camera is near its end of life date as it was acting up a bit and the photos are more grainy than in the past. I guess I better get as many views as I can..George Dutka

My scratch-built loading ramp next to Crosby coal. Looks like some unloading will be happening shortly.
A look at the new location of Crosby Coal. The tree is one of my new builds.

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